Will you Make Room for a Few Guests this Harvest Season?

I have recently spent some time on farms in Canada and once again appreciate how truly blessed we are to have easy access to nutritious food. It is especially evident during harvest season. But what a contrast in many of the countries Speroway works in, as you can see in the picture above. It is sad to see families struggle trying to grow a few things for their family to eat.

Let me introduce you to one of these families, Chimanga and his wife Deziko and their two boys who live in Malawi (pictured above). Ironically, Chimanga’s name means Maize, yet they struggle to grow even a small garden to feed themselves and their sons. They work long days and travel great distances just to get water. Without your support and donations through Speroway, it would be very difficult to get by.

One in four Malawians live in extreme poverty, relying on small pockets of land for their livelihood. Many are only one bad storm or draught away from starving. Speroway is working in Chimanga’s community looking at sustainable ways to help families grow food. In the meantime the need to provide supplementary food is desperately needed.

This Harvest Season how many families will you help?

$35 will provide $350 worth of food.

$65 will provide $650 worth of food.

$300 will provide $3000 worth of food.

As Canadians, we set aside a day to celebrate Thanksgiving. Our grocery stores are filled with healthy and nutritious food. We gather around tables, many of us feel so thankful for the abundance and blessings in our lives.

Yet, as we enjoy our Thanksgiving dinner with our friends and family, millions of families around the world are suffering from malnutrition and struggling daily to have enough food for a single meal.

In fact, one in nine people around the world do not have enough to eat and go to bed hungry every night. Nearly half of all child deaths are caused by malnutrition.

This fall, we have continued to work with our corporate partners to help multiply your gift for food.

Can you contribute towards a truck?

Imagine, $5,000 would help us to acquire from our corporate partners a full 53-foot truck of donated food worth $50,000 to $100,000 dollars!




How many will you help?

This line up for supplementary food is in Chiimanaga's community.

Thousands of meals can be provided with your help. This harvest season help us deliver food to families like Chimanga, Deziko and their boys.

I thank you for joining us this Fall in giving a gift that will provide a meal for families in extreme poverty. Families who have no food in their house and no money or access to a grocery store.

Let’s celebrate this harvest season by opening our hearts to those who have so very little. They desperately need our help.

May you and your family be blessed during this Harvest Season.