Approximately 3.1 million children die from undernutrition each year, and hunger and undernutrition contribute to more than half of all child deaths worldwide. To help support the fight against childhood malnutrition, Speroway invests in both school feeding programs and community feeding programs in over 5 countries, particularly in areas where food is scarce and the need for nutritious meals is great.

School Feeding Programs

School feeding programs in particular improve health and accessibility to education, which is instrumental in breaking generational cycles of poverty. Nutritious meals give children the energy they need to focus and learn and motivate their parents to keep their children in school. School feeding programs not only supply educational and health benefits, but contribute to gender equality, food security and poverty alleviation—all in a single intervention.


Community Feeding Programs

Community feeding programs likewise provide necessary meals and nutrition to vulnerable families and children globally, to help undernutrition and malnutrition in children.



Agricultural Projects

To reduce hunger, improving agriculture on small farms is critical. Improved seeds and better farming practices result in increased agricultural productivity and empowering families and interdependent communities.



Speroway’s feeding programs focus on the most vulnerable in Malawi. Alongside our partners, we provide nearly 80,000 nutritious meals monthly through hundreds of schools, churches, and community-based centres. We also empower locals through agricultural training.



Kenya Wezesha Education rotating image 4


Speroway helps fight childhood hunger in Kenya, providing close to 11,000 meals monthly to orphaned and vulnerable children.





Through nearly 100 partners across the country—food banks, community centres, women and children shelters, churches, and schools—Speroway distributes food, warm clothing, and hygiene items to families in need.

Last year, Speroway contributed $14 million dollars of Gift in Kind and Program in Canada and around the world. We are currently helping to provide over 6.5 million meals and helping over 200 000 children and families.


Haiti School Kids


Speroway continues to work throughout Haiti and provides over 2,000 meals monthly through school feeding, orphan sponsorship, and student-sponsorship programs.






Dominican Republic

Speroway works in Ascension and Caraballo, providing over 1,200 meals monthly through a community-based feeding program to vulnerable children.





Speroway supports local partners in feeding hungry children and families across the country, and also responds to educational needs through the World Mission Outreach School.  The World Mission Outreach School offers children a chance for a brighter future through food and nutrition, education, and basic school supplies.