You can help provide essential medical and dental care. Simple and cost-effective solutions can reach and save the lives of the most vulnerable children and mothers living in poverty.

Malnutrition Programs

Malnutrition contributes to 45 percent of deaths of children under the age of 5. Malnourished women also have more difficulty in childbirth and give birth to smaller babies, carrying on the cycle of malnutrition.

Deworming Programs

School aged children have the highest intensity of worm infections. Distributing deworming medicines through schools, clinics, and orphanages to the impoverished communities where they’re most needed.

Healthcare and Medicines

Speroway works alongside schools, community centres, clinics and churches, with a focus on child and maternal health. We supply food, rehydration salts, antibiotics, antimalarial medications, de-worming medication, and more to help get children healthy and strong.

Community Health Initiatives

Through community health workers and volunteers, we work to strengthen our medical and dental training centres and partners in Haiti, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Malawi and support local health workers and professionals with equipment, training, and education.