Meet The President

In my 25 years of executive leadership in the charitable sector, I have travelled to over 50 countries and I have sat with mothers holding babies too sick to eat, seen malnourished children too weak to hold their own bodies up, and spoken with countless parents desperate to find ways to feed their families.

However, I have also been able to visit families and communities whose lives have been transformed through programs like those at Speroway.

What does Speroway mean? Our unique name combines Spero , the Latin word for ‘hope’, with way , representing the path we follow. It’s a picture of a hopeful way forward—both for our organization, and the communities we serve.

Since 2004, Speroway has been providing access to emergency food to disadvantaged families globally and in Canada. Last year, Speroway provided over 6.5 million meals – approximately 540,000 nutritious meals monthly – to children and families across the world.  This includes in Kenya, Malawi, Haiti, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Nepal, and marginalized communities across Canada. We also supported thousands of others through quality education, healthcare, and life skills training.

We strongly believe in a partnership model that works through the power of collaboration.

By investing in the local communities and relying on the strength of volunteers—both here and internationally—we work towards lasting impact in our fight against global hunger, illness, illiteracy and poverty.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children and families around the world!

Warm regards,

Ken Forbes

President, Speroway