Food and Nutrition

Approximately 3.1 million children die from undernutrition each year, and hunger and undernutrition contribute to more than half of all child deaths worldwide. To help support the fight against childhood malnutrition, Speroway invests in both school feeding programs and community feeding programs in over 5 countries, particularly in areas where food is scarce and the need for nutritious meals is great.


School Feeding Programs

School feeding programs in particular improve health and accessibility to education, which is instrumental in breaking generational cycles of poverty. Nutritious meals give children the energy they need to focus and learn and motivate their parents to keep their children in school. School feeding programs not only supply educational and health benefits, but contribute to gender equality, food security and poverty alleviation—all in a single intervention.


Community Feeding Programs

Community feeding programs likewise provide necessary meals and nutrition to vulnerable families and children globally, to help undernutrition and malnutrition in children.


Agricultural Projects

To reduce hunger, improving agriculture on small farms is critical. Improved seeds and better farming practices result in increased agricultural productivity and empowering families and interdependent communities.

Education Programs


Approximately 57 million primary-school aged children around the world do not attend school, 55 percent of which are girls. Support Speroway in increasing the accessibility and quality of education for children worldwide

Children and youth living in poverty face many challenges to education including weakness from malnourishment; illness; child labour or having to work at home to care for siblings; and inability to pay for school fees, uniforms and supplies.

Speroway seeks to break cycles of poverty by increasing children’s access to quality education, paying special attention to girls. These programs work towards developing the next generation of leaders.


Secondary and Post Secondary Education:

Speroway works at providing scholarships to motivated and high academic achievers, but whose families cannot afford education. Scholarship recipients receive financial support for tuition and school supplies, as well as mentoring, career counselling and leadership development.

Life Skills Training:

Speroway's life skills programs focus on trades such as sewing and language programs to increase economic opportunities. In particular, these programs give attention to women and vulnerable groups.

Community Education Initiatives:

Speroway's goal in our Community Education Initiatives is strengthening community involvement in education to improve learning and teacher support.



Malnutrition continues to be one of the world’s most serious health problems and the single biggest contributor to child mortality.

Every child deserves the opportunity to grow up healthy. We work to strengthen the well-being of children and families through our healthcare and nutrition programs. Moreover, we work on the prevention of major diseases and provide opportunities to augment maternal and child health.


Nutrition Programs

Speroway's feeding and malnutrition programs work at addressing under-nutrition, which contributes to 45 percent of deaths of children under the age of 5.


Deworming Programs

Speroway helps address the prevention of major diseases. We help by distributing deworming medicines through schools, clinics and orphanages to impoverished communities.


Basic Healthcare and Medicines for Children and Families

Working alongside schools, community centres, clinics and churches, we focus on health and nutrition programs. In particular, we focus on child and maternal health in both the prevention and treatment of  major diseases. We incorporate the basic use of medicines, supplies and community health education to prevent and treat illnesses.


Community Health Initiatives

Our community health initiatives focus on training with food and nutrition, proper hygiene methods and prevention of illness and disease. Speroway strengthens medical and dental training centres in Haiti, El Salvador and Malawi and supports local health workers and professionals with equipment, training and education.