Dominican Republic

School Feeding: 

To many the Dominican Republic is seen as a tropical vacation spot. While this is true, what many people miss is the poverty and desperation in communities not far from resorts.

In one of such communities with our partners in New Jerusalem not far from Santo Domingo, we recently supplied a new kitchen for a primary school. However, we need continued support to provide nutritious meals for children who currently go hungry.

Juan Tomas House Construction and Feeding: 

Many Haitians have sought better opportunities by crossing into the Dominican Republic. However, their undocumented status and language barriers leads to discrimination, exploitation, and limited employment prospects. Poverty becomes a constant companion as they face inadequate housing, food scarcity, and limited social services.

Juan Tomas is primarily a Haitian community in the Dominican Republic. With your help, we can bring sustainable housing and essential food to families in need in this community.

Batey Community Aid: 

Batey Vasca and Batey Paraiso are both communities part of the same sugar cane field owned by one company. Through our local partner we are helping to develop a community development plan to initially support education and nutrition.

These impoverished communities are some of the poorest in this part of the country. We need your help to deliver essential aid to these communities.