Home of Grace Care Centre

Speroway supports orphaned and disadvantaged children and youth through the Home of Grace care center in rural western Kenya by providing a safe and loving environment, daily nutritious meals, access to medical care, and an education.

Children at Home of Grace are orphans, referred by the Kenyan children’s department, or abandoned at the doorstep by their relatives.

We are committed to contributing to the well-being of those at Home of Grace and children and youth in the surrounding communities that need it the most.

The children continue to be well during the COVID-19 emergency, but the need for your support continues.

In fact, the need is more urgent. Prices are rising, especially for food, as regular markets are closed. That means that the cost for day-to-day operations is growing and the need for emergency relief in the community is growing, too.


Community Outreach

We provide for these needs through three programs:

  • Residential care: Orphans and vulnerable children living at the Centre are given shelter, a loving and supportive environment, food, basic medical care and access to an education. Whenever possible, staff work to maintain contact with extended families to ease future re-integration into the community.
  • Community Outreach: Families of identified children in the community receive at-home support, including tuition support and other occasional support to supplement food budgets.
  • Lunch Feeding Program: Children in need identified by local schools and community leaders are fed lunch, to improve learning.


Cathy visiting families

The majority of children arrive at Home of Grace weak and malnourished. We provide daily nutritious meals so that children can have the nutrients needed to be physically and mentally strong, concentrate in school, and have an opportunity at a better future.


We focus on increasing children’s access to quality education at Home of Grace and communities, by providing tuition support, school supplies, and other education fees. By giving the gift of education, you invest in a child’s future. Through education, these children can grow up to be productive, responsible members of their community.

Benter, the Manager, notes, "Covid has affected many families especially the ones within the community. Many families lost jobs, business and means of survival is now a challenge. We have noticed that some of the children in grade eight couldn't go back to school [because of extra fees imposed]. Home of Grace was able to assist four children with small scholarships. Families are going through a hard time."

We want to be able to do more, your help will allow us to sponsor more promising students to get them back to school.

These are challenging times for all of us. We have seen so many stresses added to our daily lives. But we ask you to please consider making a donation today as a way of offering hope to those who are often forgotten — orphaned and vulnerable children in such an impoverished part of the world.

Donate below or call the office at 289.861.1346.