Wezesha Scholarship Program

Wezesha provides scholarships and mentoring to academically gifted, destitute young people to support their education from high school through university. In Swahili, Wezesha is the word for ‘empower’. We aim to empower motivated young people to use their skills to help others and make a difference in their communities – to be the next generation of role models and leaders.

Wezesha Scholarship Program

Millions of young people in Africa lack access to quality education. Education is one of the most effective ways to move families out of poverty and into a brighter future.

Speroway’s Wezesha Education program empowers motivated and bright young people living in poverty who are high academic achievers, but whose families cannot afford their education. We provide scholarships and support so that they can successfully complete their secondary and university education, developing their talents and aspirations.

We aim to empower motivated young people to use their skills to help others and make a difference in their communities – to be the next generation of role models and leaders.

Students selected for the program are bright, talented young people who are determined to use their education to benefit the lives of others. Through the program, young people will develop their leadership skills and use their education to improve the lives of others in their communities and country.

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The program provides support including:

  • Scholarships: scholarship recipients receive financial support for tuition, uniforms, books and school supplies, and stipends
Wezesha Scholarship Program
  • Mentoring and Training: scholarship recipients receive year-round mentoring, career counselling, leadership development, and other life skills training.
Mentoring and Training
  • Community Giving: scholarship recipients demonstrate strong leadership qualities and a deep commitment to improving the lives of others and being an agent of change in their country.
  • Community Networking: scholarship recipients are connected through a network of support focused on long-term life skills training, leadership development, and community giving.

Stay tuned for updates on Wezesha events in the Toronto area. Proceeds go directly towards empowering students to realize their full potential and become leaders through education.

Featured Students

Monica Wangui

Monica Wangui

My sister and I live with our old grandmother. Our mother died when we were still very young (I was seven). We were left under the care of our grandmother. Payment of school fees was a challenge since my grandmother is a peasant farmer who cannot even earn enough for our personal needs. I was sent home from school many times to collect school fees and thus I missed a lot of school. I have an ambition to go to university and pursue a good course, which would be useful to me and society. I also want to be a counsellor encouraging those who have lost their homes.

Frankline Ochieng

Frankline Ochieng

I come from a humble family of six members, I being the eldest son. I dream to become a useful person in the future to the community at large. My parents work casual jobs, sometimes they can get work, sometimes they remain unemployed. If they have work they make around 200 shillings per day (approximately $2.50). Through hard work and resilience, I will make both ends meet. I want to be a doctor as I am really concerned with how people suffer from diseases and end up dying mistreated. I really wish I can help such people and liberate them from suffering. Wezesha has really helped me polish my future dream. It has made me see things that seemed to be impossible to look possible.